2018 in a nutshell

Well, where to begin. I suppose the start is as logical a place as any so here we go. Get ready to remember a truly amazing year for the House Of Klee Kai family!

So 2018 began not like any other year because in December 2017 Jager had sired a litter to the lovely Nuka. Stef, Nuka’s owner was already Elina’s mentee and Elina had only agreed to mentor her as Stef shared in House Of Klee Kai’s mission and vision for not just the look of the Klee Kai but also the future of the Klee Kai and so it only made sense that Elina, Charlene and Emily would invite Stef to join the House of Klee Kai family and guess what? She said yes which makes Stef the 4th breeder in our co-operative.

In February our very own Eirik sired his very first litter with the lovely Remi which yielded two stunning girls, Mayhem and Isla. We are so proud of this litter as both girls have turned out to be beautiful representations of the breed and so Mayhem has remained at House of Klee Kai and Isla has gone to a foster home with one of our puppy owners but provided both girls pass their health tests we expect great things from them in 2020.

Fast forward to June and Elina and Stef once again jetted off to America, this time with Missy and Nuka. Missy had been training her whole life to be a show dog with less though to sports, Nuka had been training her whole life for sports with less training in conformation but when Nuka came into season just before the trip making it impossible for her to compete in sports it was as though Nuka and Missy made a conscientious decision to switch roles and boy were we amazed!

SHOW REPORT – Premier 2018, Kalamazoo, USA

WEDNESDAY – AKKAOA Speciality, competing as class dogs. 
Missy won her Variety and then took Reserve Best Female. 
Nuka won her Variety, took Best Female and then Best of Winners.

Missy completed two of her legs towards her UFA and USA titles in Drag Racing and one leg of her RUNN title in Precision Coursing.

FRIDAY – UKC Premier
Missy won her Variety and took Reserve Best Female. She also achieved her USA and UFA titles. 
Nuka won her Variety, took Best Female and then Best of Winners.

Missy won her Variety and took Reserve Best Female. She had her flat and steeplechase debut, placing 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 4th. 
Nuka won her Variety, took Best Female, Best of Winners and then Best of Breed. She therefore also achieved her Champion title. Nuka went on to compete in Northern Group, placing fourth out of a strong class of all the Northern Breeds.

SUNDAY – UKC Premier
Missy won her Variety and took Best Female. She completed her final legs towards her RUNN title. 
Nuka moved up and competed in the Champion class, taking Reserve Champion. She then completed all her legs in Precision Coursing, achieving her RUNN title.


Missy – 4 Variety wins, 3 Reserve Best Female, 1 Best Female and 3 new Sporting titles.

Nuka – 4 Variety wins, 3 Best Female, 3 Best of Winners, 1 Reserve Champion, 1 Best of Breed, 1 Group Placement, 1 Conformation Title and 1 Sporting Title.

Henceforth Missy is now to be referred to by her full and proper name of RUNN UFA USA PR HD’s Maybe She’s Born With It.

Nuka requests immediate use of her new name RUNN CH PR Tanit Tribe Shall We Dance.

So there we have it, they did a switch-a-roo on us and we could not have been happier with the result. This means that House of Klee Kai are home to not just two kick arse little girls who like to snatch trophies but the ONLY two UK bred Klee Kai to have earn titles! Well, until…

Also at Premier was Elina’s other mentee, Anna. Anna is mom to Enzo who we all know and love as Missy’s littermate Mr Floofy. Now while Enzo was not at Premier this gave Anna a chance to soak everything in and learn about all the sports and she decided that Enzo would like to follow in his sisters’ footsteps and earn his UFA and USA titles and you know what? Well two months later he had them and not just that but he placed FIRST in his first two races and was awarded fastest in both flat and steeple at the UKC show in Finland which not only Enzo attended but also Myy who was Lagertha and Zuko who was in that litter born to Jager and Nuka mentioned above. We are proud to say that it seems not just our UK team like to snatch trophies but apparently, also our Finnish team does with Enzo taking reserve best male of variety, Myy taking reserve best female of variety and reserve best female and young Zuko taking male puppy!

So was that all for the House of Klee Kai gang? Is it ever? Well no, its not so upon her return to the UK Nuka became qualified as the UK’s first Gluten detection dog and there is even an article about her in January 2019’s issue of Dogs Monthly!

So thats us for another year! We hope you have enjoyed the catch up and are wondering as much as we are what on Earth we will do this year to top the amazing 2018 we had!

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