‘PR’ HD’s Legacy of Elune
Call name: Trixie
•Miniature size • Grey and White masked• Brown eyes•
DOB: January 22nd 2019
Sire: ‘PR’ Kenai’s Spooky Spirit
Dam: ‘PR’ Taylak’s Light of Elune

•• Factor VII clear ••

This stunning little girl was born at House Of Diamonds which is where she has remained.

Daughter of Twyla and Jager she is full sister to Ivy Winters yet the two of them could not be more different if they tried in all but one regard; Sports.

Like Ivy and their mother Twyla, Trixie was built to be a little speed demon and as such finds herself most comfortable doing anything which involves running and can outrun all of the HD Dogs! She currently attends the same agility lessons as her big sister and while she might not have the finesse of Ivy she has the running fast DOWN lol!

As with all of the House Of Klee Kai puppies, Trixie was raised using Puppy Culture.

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