The House of Klee Kai quality.

The House of Klee Kai brings you only top quality dogs, carefully selected for health, beauty and temperment.

Come take a look!

Come in and take a look at our dogs. We will be happy to help you get to know the wonderful Klee Kai breed better.

Puppy Culture

We raise all of our puppies using the Puppy Culture programme which ensures you get a puppy that is ready for whatever life throws at them.

A slice of Alaska in the UK!

The spirit of Alaska is available right here in the UK in our beautiful Klee Kai!

Thank you for visiting House of Klee Kai!

We are four small hobby breeders of the Alaskan Klee Kai also known as the miniature husky located in Hertfordshire, Peterborough, Oxfordshire and Hampshire, England.We pride ourselves in breeding quality puppies with excellent temperament, structure and which conform to the United Kennel Club Breed Standard.Our dogs are firstly our indoor family pets and fur-kids. They live with us in our homes and all run and play and go for walks like dogs should every day of their lives.We are the first and only breeders in the UK to show and compete in sports with our dogs at UKC Premier and UKC Gateway Nationals where they have achieved various titles in conformation and sporting events.Our adult dogs are regularly health tested, and we will never knowingly breed from a dog that is unsound in any way, and go to great lengths to ensure that our dogs and their progeny are happy and healthy.We hope you enjoy visiting our site.-Charlene, Elina, Emily and Stef
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