‘PR’ Taylak Light of Elune
Call name: Twyla
•Toy size• Black and White masked• Bi-eyed (left blue, right brown)•
DOB: August 10th 2014
Sire: ‘PR’ FOXX’s Gable of Hope
Dam: ‘PR’ Taylak Catch the Stars

•Factor VII clear•

Twyla was born on Jäger’s 1st birthday so it is only fitting that they have become the very best of friends.
Twyla is such a character and loves to tell us in husky talk all about what naughty things the other dogs have done. She is so full of sass, we love her!
She is from June Demers at Taylak AKK in Canada. We cannot thank June Demers, Pam Guido, Ryan Ledford and Stephanie Mazzamuto enough for working together to get our crazy little girl to us!

Pedigree of ‘PR’ Taylak Light of Elune *Click here*

TWYLA's pedigree

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