‘PR’ HD’s Destiny Of Elune
Call name: Sassy
•Miniature size • Grey and White masked• Brown eyes•
DOB: April 15th 2021
Sire: RACEN UFA USA CA CH ‘PR’ HD’s Destiny of the Gods
Dam: ‘PR’ HD’s Legacy of Elune

•• Factor VII clear ••

Sassy by name, Sassy by nature. This little spitfire is as smart and as fast as they come and amusingly, she also likes to talk back.

Every bit the embodiment of what we hoped for when we bred Trixie to Eirik she truly is visually a 50/50 mix of the two but behind that we look at her and we see aspects of Dilly, Costner, Jäger, Twyla, and obviously her gorgeous mom & dad. So many amazing dogs in her lineage so she has a lot to live up to.

Like her mother Trixie, grandmother Twyla and her father Eirik, Sass was built to be a little speed demon with a passion for all sports that involve going FAST this little lady is go, go, go and a serious sport dog in a tiny package.

As with all of the House Of Klee Kai puppies, Sassy was raised using Puppy Culture just like her mama and pa-paw before her.

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