2017 UKC Premier trip

So this year was THE year; the year that we took a House of Klee Kai puppy to UKC Premier in Kalamazoo Michigan!

‘PR’ HD’s Destiny of the Gods, or Eirik as we like to call him did so very well and had such an amazing vacation. He got to meet so many of his relatives and so many of our friends and experience things that dogs twice his age have not yet had the opportunity to.

Not only did young Eirik get to show off how handsome he is but he also then after all that hard work got to go up to Canada to see Niagara Falls!

The one downside to this trip was that it was time to hand Costner back to his owner June now that he had done what he came to the UK to do. Costner has made such a great contribution to House of Klee Kai through not only his son Eirik but also Eirik’s brother Cooper, his daughter’s Missy and Karma and also Missy’s brother Enzo who hopes to help the KleeĀ Kai in Finland. (And that is just to name the show prospect puppies!)

We hope that these pups follow in their father’s footsteps and will mature to be outstanding representations of the breed.

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