Enzo – Finland

UFA USA ‘PR’ HD’s The Might Of Mjolnir NTD
Call name: Enzo
•Standard size • Grey and White masked• Brown eyes•
DOB: December 20th, 2016
Sire: CH’PR’ Taylak Sterling Spirit of HOPE
Dam: ‘PR’ Bostons Full Metal Jacket

• Factor VII clear •

Enzo is Anna’s heart dog! He was born at House of Diamonds in the UK and travelled to live with Anna in Finland where she named her Klee Kai kennel after him: Mjölnir – Alaskan Klee Kai.

He is raised with Puppy Culture like all the other HoKK puppies which has made him a very confident boy. He currently has two titles of Drag Racing and also a Trick dog title. He was also in the 2019 UKC All-Stars for Drag racing!

He lives for pleasing people! If you have a treat in your hand, he is your best buddy and he will do anything for it! He loves all humans and dogs. He is the most loyal and gentle boy Anna has ever met.

Enzo shares his home in Finland with Bambi who he lets pull his tail and bite his legs without saying anything to her. He knows he’s much bigger than her and knows how to play without hurting others. We do running and agility with him and he really has a good working mindset!

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